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Building Bridges: Can We Love & Relate in a Polarized World?

Placed: 1 April 2024

Subject : TCK Resources

Culture wars. Real wars. Cancelled, alienated and lonely. We blame politicians, technology, and past generations for our ills. But what can really help us love and relate in a polarized world? Journey with Mike Sullivan, traversing multiple cultures, while confronting the demons of financial ruin, harmful sexual pursuits, and other shadows of his past. Amidst the tumult, he unearths a beautiful mosaic of human connections, each encounter shaping his journey toward redemption and self-awareness. His narrative underscores the transformative potential of embracing others, offering a beacon of hope to anyone seeking renewal in a bitterly fragmented world. Coming soon first to and soon to be published thereafter. Support my Kickstarter campaing by signing up on my website at

Michael Sullivan

45 years old Hetero  

Talisay, Philippines