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Documentary about TCK’s Around the World – Open Participant Call

Placed: 23 August 2023

Subject : TCK Recruitment

Hello! My name is Grace Ward, and I'm a documentary filmmaker based in NYC with a Third Culture Kid (TCK's) background. You can learn a bit more about me in the following links: I'm currently in development and pre-production for a feature documentary about TCKs around the world entitled: HOME: Everywhere and Nowhere, Journeys of the Global Citizen. This will be a National Geographic/PBS-style documentary that portrays the complications, adventures, strengths, and colorful, cross-cultural life of being a TCK. LOOKING FOR: I am looking for Adult Third Culture Kids (ATKs) and TCK families open to being participants and subjects in this documentary. We already have some amazing individuals attached to this project as advisors and participants! Below are some things and participants we are still looking for: 1. We would love to partner with a TCK family willing to let us shadow them for roughly 4 - 7 days (a few hours a day during some agreed-upon activities) on a trip back to their passport country and capture their children's reactions and experiences from their current country to their passport country. The ideal situation would be where the child hasn't been back to the passport country in some time. If you and your family had already planned to go back to your passport country for a break, school, or visit this year this would be a great fit. 2. We are also looking for a TCK currently in high school (Junior/Senior - later high school) that is looking toward their future and is willing to share the choices they have to juggle. 3. Additionally we are looking for TCKs/ATCKs in South America or India, due to some connections and resources we do have there. I want to hear from you - please feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions [email protected] !

Grace Ward

26 years old  

New City, USA