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Remote teletherapy with Dr. Jennifer Young

Placed: 27 December 2023

Subject : TCK Business

My training was based in humanistic-existential psychology and systems theory. Over the years, I have developed an interest for interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory. I believe the combination of these elements has helped me view individuals as their own unique system (physical health, identities, perceptions of ourselves and the world) and experiences (thoughts, feelings, behaviors, sensations and memories). It also helps to understand the other systems with which the individual is interacting (e.g. workplace, school, country, political environment) and the people in them. Having a multidimensional view of the people I work with gives us the opportunity to engage in the therapy process from a holistic perspective. For some, therapy will be short-term and goal-directed. For others, it will be longer-term and depth-oriented. I use a lens that is sensitive to how your cultural environment(s) may affect your life. I tailor my approach to what will be most effective for you given your current context(s). I enjoy working with adults in all phases of life. Much of my work has been centered around supporting Third-Culture Kids/Adults, Global Nomads, humanitarian aid workers, and expatriates.

Jennifer Young

43 years old  

Los Angeles, USA


Lindie 29 ,

Johannesburg, South Africa

12 January 2024

Jennifer Young 43 ,

Los Angeles, USA

27 December 2023

Aino Rama 47 ,

Provo, USA

12 December 2023

Matthew 30 ,

Kalamata, Greece

23 October 2023

Maya Ilunga 31 ,

Zurich, Switzerland

12 October 2023