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Social Media Manager and Newsletter Content Creator

Placed: 12 December 2023

Subject : TCK Recruitment

Hi! We are looking for a dedicated, passionate, well-connected and energetic TCK who writes well and knows how to work independently! I run an organization that leads educators on experiential travel programs around the world. We are currently looking for a social media manager and newsletter content creator. Our overarching newsletter theme is “compassionate classrooms” - but there are many things that fall under this. You do not have to be an educator to work with us, but some experience in the classroom would be ideal. Please note, this is a part time job. Excited to see if there is interest! Please ask me more and I can share the organization website with you. Aino

Aino Rama

47 years old Straight  

Provo, USA


Lindie 29 ,

Johannesburg, South Africa

12 January 2024

Jennifer Young 43 ,

Los Angeles, USA

27 December 2023

Aino Rama 47 ,

Provo, USA

12 December 2023

Matthew 30 ,

Kalamata, Greece

23 October 2023

Maya Ilunga 31 ,

Zurich, Switzerland

12 October 2023