Code of Conduct

Treat people how you expect to be treated yourself.

Meeting someone face to face makes communication easier, you can see their body language, facial expressions, hear their voice tone etc, but when you are communicating online all these aids that we take for granted are not there to help us. Always be respectful, kind, courteous and sensitive to your surroundings. When using Chameleon Vibes platform consider the following points:

Username – If you prefer not to use your real name, feel free to create a unique user name, as long as it is not offensive nor inappropriate, does not contain advertising or is not in violation with the law. Multiply accounts is strictly forbidden.

Photos – Your profile picture should be a true picture of yourself. Subsequent photos on your profile should not be considered unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, contain nudity, pornographic images, show any physical or sexual violence or abuse or advertising of any nature.

Personal information – Be true to yourself and be true to other users: Do not use false information. By giving a true and honest version of yourself you will be be more relaxed and when you eventually meet in person you will not have to pretend to be someone you are not (or you think your partner wants you to be). This approach will increase the chances of a genuine connection. Avoid giving personal details out too early and always ask yourself “ Am I comfortable sharing this information? ” Once shared, you will probably not be able to re-track it. If you can, hold on a little longer!

Communication style – Remember, you are contacting a stranger. Take your time in responding to messages and make the responses are unique and a true representation of yourself. Do not use abusive or rude language and avoid sarcasm, humour, strong language, all capital letters (shouting) or exclamation marks, until you get to know each other better. This will avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Ending the chat – If you are no longer interested in continuing talking to another member, politely let them know. A short message will allow them to move on and speak to other members instead of waiting for that “message ” that will never come. Likewise, if a member ceases contact with you, accept and respect their decision and do not send any more messages to the user.

Rogue users – The Chameleon Vibes team manually approves profiles. However, it is possible that unacceptable content is not found immediately. For this reason we ask you, our members, to help keep the site safe and free from inappropriate content. Please report immediately any violations so that appropriate action can be taken, if necessary. Chameleon Vibes has the right to delete profiles without warning which breach the code of conduct and general terms and conditions, this includes legal action if necessary.  Read more.