Lake Superior Day – Best Lakes Around the World

Lake Superior Day is almost here, and it’s time to celebrate the beauty of the natural wonders of the world. Lake Superior is probably the oldest, if not one of the oldest, naturally formed lakes in the world. Dating back over 1.2 billion years ago, when it is first believed to have started to form and take its shape, Lake Superior has amassed to be the largest natural lake in the world.

With its great history and size, Lake Superior has claimed its rightful place on the list of holidays that are celebrated in America and Canada. Providing home to more than 80 different species of fish, making it a sanctuary to aquamarine life. Pretty impressive, right?

As TCKs, many of us may have already had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of Lake Superior in person. However, for the rest of us, stopping to smell the roses can be difficult when trying to start fresh and learn a new culture. The best thing about a lake is that it’s a constant. The same as maths, it’s the same in every country. Every country you visit will be home to a lake, no matter how great or small.

As TCKs, we have the gift of experiencing life through many different lenses. No matter where you call home, you owe it to yourself to experience as much of life as the world has to offer. Every country is unique, and every country has its own unique lake. Whether they are man-made or natural, visiting a lake is a truly peaceful experience and one we want you to enjoy.

Here are our favourite lakes from around the world!

Moraine Lake, Canada

First up is Moraine Lake, located in the southwest of Canada. Moraine Lake is part of Banff National Park, home to many glorious lakes. Moraine Lake is one of our favourites due to its potent blue colour. Surrounded by glistening glaciers, the waters of Moraine Lake are rich with minerals that trickle down from the rocks. Moraine Lake is a truly picturesque lake, something you would expect to see in a storybook.

Hutt Lagoon, Australia

Another favourite of ours is Hutt Lagoon, one of Australia’s pink lakes. That’s right, a pink lake! Australia is home to more than ten pink lakes, but here’s why Hutt Lagoon is our favourite. Hutt Lagoon is different from its counterparts. Depending on when you visit, you might find the lake to be either pink, red, or purple. The colour of the water changes based on the time of year and the time of day, so if you visit at the right time, you might be able to witness the colour change.

Thale Noi, Thailand

Last up on our list of favourite lakes is Thale Noi, a wetland lake in Thailand. Thale Noi is also known as ‘lotus lake’. This is because it is covered in beautiful locus flowers. Underneath the bed of lotus flowers, the lake provides sanctuary to an array of wildlife.


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