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Third Culture Kids community for all those who were raised across cultures.

Exclusively for people who have had the cross-cultural experience. Take our short entry quiz to see if you qualify to join!

Am I a TCK?

A person who has been raised outside his or her home culture creates a Third Culture by borrowing parts from the original culture (home culture) and parts from the second culture (host culture) and then mixing it up to make their own third culture. The creation of this culture is very much your own but the experience you went through to create it, is what makes the magical connection between Third Culture Kids possible.

The quiz

Chameleon Vibes asks people to take a fun quiz to determine how much they identify with the Third Culture experience. This is not discriminatory against non-TCks / non-CCKs. Chameleon Vibes is a cross-culture site determined to give our users of only meeting other like-minded cross cultural folk.