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On Chameleon Vibes Friends you will find fellow TCKs who are looking for friendship.  

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Friends with TCKs  & CCKs

Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) and Adult Cross Cultural Kids (ACCKs) are individuals who have lived in different cultural environments for a significant period during childhood.  They may have parents of different nationalities, or they may have been brought up in a “foreign” country altogether. In any case, these individuals end up creating their own “third culture”, as it were.  

There are many groups included under the umbrella term Cross-Cultural Kids such as:

• Traditional Third Culture Kids • Domestic TCKs • International adoptees • Children of minorities • Bi/Multicultural children • Children of borderlands • Bi/multiracial children
• Educational CCKs • Children of immigrants • Children of refugees

Why chameleon?

Chameleons and TCKs adapt quickly to the environment they are in.

Chameleons do this by changing their colour.

TCKs / CCKs individuals do this by switching language(s), behaviours, clothes and cultural practices. 

In short, both are adept at blending into the current scene.  

It’s no wonder TCKs are often referred to as being Chameleons

The quiz

To join Chameleon Vibes Friends you have to take a short quiz to qualify. This is in no way to discriminate against non-TCK’s / CCKs, but we are determined to give our  members the experience of meeting only other like-minded people. Take the quiz now.