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Do you find it easy to answer the question "where are you from?"

Were you raised speaking more than one language?

Have you lived in a foreign country between the ages of 0 - 18?

Do you feel that you lack a true cultural identity?

Do you feel like you belong "everywhere and nowhere?"

Is the feeling of ‘being at home’ more about where you are, rather than the people you are with?

Do you feel a greater connection with people who have been raised/exposed to different cultures in their childhood?

Do you feel you belong to only one single culture?

Do you find it easy to answer the question "where is home?"

Do you find yourself drawn to the slightly "different one" in the crowd/group/work?

Do you often feel like the "odd one out"?

Do you find it hard to say goodbye to places and people?

Do you feel that you are more accepting of others' cultures, their norms, values and beliefs than others around you?

Do cultures other than your own bore you?

Do you feel uneasy in unfamiliar environments?

Do you have a strong appetite for travel or a mobile lifestyle?

Do you feel like a native speaker in the language/s you speak?

Do you find yourself being the "cultural bridge/ambassador"?

Do you find it hard to make friends?