The Hardships Faced by TCK When Building Relationships

TCKs are individuals who have been raised globally/across cultures and have this remarkable ability to analyse their surroundings and adapt quickly, whether that is switching language, behaviour, clothes, cultural practices, etc. However, you might be surprised to know that many TCK struggle when trying to build and form relationships with others.

No sense of belonging

TCK often struggle to find a sense of belonging. The lack of ownership over one culture can make it hard for TCK to build relationships. TCK will usually find belonging by finding others who share the same interests as them. However, it’s not always easy to find people who share the same interests as you on a deeper level. It’s easy to find others who like the same TV show as you, but finding people who you connect with on a deeper level is much more difficult.


TCK sometimes struggle to show commitment in relationships which can make it difficult for their relationships to grow. Constantly moving or being moved between countries can leave a sense of uncertainty. A lack of stability in any one location can leave many TCK feeling a lack of confidence in the likelihood of those who form relationships with them being around for long.


TCK often find it hard to find their identity. For a lot of us, our culture forms most or at least part of our identity. For TCK who don’t feel they belong to any one culture, finding their sense of identity can be difficult. Although we might not realise that our culture is deeply rooted in us, think about the little things such as chips or fries for UK and US cultures. Our culture is a huge part of who we are, and our identity is formed from it. For this reason, many TCK who struggle to find their identity also struggle to relate to others when they are unsure of who they are.


Many TCK might struggle to interact with others in social settings. Many TCK often struggle to relate to those around them. We find ourselves feeling comfortable with those who share the same culture as us, sharing more than one culture can feel isolating. The idea of socialising can feel overwhelming and some TCK might find themselves withdrawn from others.

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